Project description and location

At the moment, VBC NITRA is the biggest and most prestigious administrative project in Nitra. The project is comprised of a complex of three buildings located in the very heart of the city - directly in the centre at 22 Štúrova Street in Nitra.

In relation to the project, careful and detailed preparation work has been carried out. In 2005 a study began that determined the extent of reconstruction in the original buildings, adding new floors to Section A, and constructing a new high-rise building directly in the complex.

VBC NITRA is prepared to meet the client's maximum requirements. The building consists of 5.3 x 3.6 metre offices. These rooms are not separated by partitions and at present create a so-called Open space. At the tenant´s request, we will separate these rooms into individual offices.

The project is aimed at companies that require a high standard of administrative space at the level of major European cities, while wishing to make use of highly-qualified, yet less expensive manpower in Nitra region.
Thus we are bringing a higher standard to the Nitra real-estate market, that has also so far been missing. Our aim is to build a complete business centre with a high quality of services provided. The significance of this building for the city of Nitra is enormous; we will be enriching the centre with a new, dominating building in a modern architectural style, offering a wide range of services and meeting the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

The building's professional management will make sure the complex is operating smoothly and continuous and 24/7 guard duty will be provided. Our company will provide a cleaning service in common areas and also clean rented offices, at client request. Directly inside the complex will be a cafe selling snacks and there will be two conference rooms for 10 or 20 people available.


VBC NITRA is located in the town's most attractive part - right in the centre at Štúrova street No. 22 in Nitra. We've taken advantage of a good location, in terms of transport connections and comprehensive facilities in the immediate neighbourhood. VBC offers excellent individual and mass transport to other parts of the city. In close vicinity to the complex are four bus stops for commuting to all parts of the town, while the main bus and train stations are only 15 minutes' walk from the complex. VBC offers you the possibility of shopping and entertainment within walking distance and at the same time, a direct connection to the express highway to Bratislava. For visitors arriving by cars there will be 75 parking spaces available outdoors and 9 spaces indoors.

NITRA is the fifth largest town in Slovakia and the heart of the Nitra region, a focal point for finance, culture, churches and sports, with an international exhibition centre. Nitra is regarded as a city of young people, thanks to two universities. Nitra is among the most advanced cities, with excellent economical prospects. In recent years, the city has seen a rise in the construction of new apartments to accommodate new residents moving in. Nitra has one of the best prepared industrial parks, where several major international companies have already located their facilities. Nitra has a lot to offer its residents and that is why a lot of people from other regions are also interested in living and working in Nitra. More info about Nitra at


We believe that VBC will succeed in creating a modern, pleasant, and effective working environment. We hope that our project will appeal to you, so if you are interested in renting space, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Developer: DYNAMIK HOLDING, a.s.